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IMG_0010Unfortunately, I don’t get to post about all of the best recipes I make. In fact, most of them go undocumented. I do have some definite favorites though and it seems unfair to leave y’all out of the loop. These are the recipes that I scribble into my recipe book and make over and over again.

Farro Pilaf: This is such a great vegetarian dinner dish. It’s so rich and comforting but still really healthy! Of course I used kale instead of spinach (this is for cookies and for kale after all) but even my dad raved about it. It is made with farro, which is a whole grain from italy similar to barley but like quinoa, it is a good source of protein (love when that happens!). The recipe also calls for roasted wild mushrooms, which I had never heard of before, but I would add twice as many they are so good.

Zucchini Brownies: Cookie + Kate is a beautiful vegetarian blog. I haven’t had the chance to make a ton of her recipes but these are my favorite brownies by far. I am such a sucker for dense chocolate brownies but they usually leave me with a massive headache and angry stomach. These are sweetened with honey, use whole wheat pastry flour but still manage to be super chocolatey. My family won’t vouch for them but Liz will!

Bohemian Wedding Cake: First of all, the name. I really really love “rustic” cakes–the kind that aren’t supposed to be all that pretty or fancy but taste SO GOOD. This cake is rustic, for sure. It might just be a pumpkin cake with the best frosting of all time but that should be reason enough to make it.

Spaghetti with Collard Greens: Another great dinner from Whole Living. This is by far my favorite magazine (besides maybe National Geographic…or House Beautiful). I heard rumors that they are folding; if so, I may shed a tear. Their website is equally fantastic and you can browse by many different categories. This is a great dish with simple flavors. Just plain good.

Cookie Dough Balls: Angela is a genius. Really though, I have been following her blog since high school and she never ceases to surprise me with her creative vegan recipes. Her cookie dough balls are made from cashews, oats and maple syrup. Even still, they really do taste like cookie dough! I like to make a bunch of mini ones to put on my banana soft serve.

Bean & Farro Salad: Another farro dish. This salad is so fresh and healthy. I love any kind of bean and grain salad because they are so easy to make and stick in the fridge for later. This salad uses green apples and cilantro to make it super delicious. The Honest Fare blog also has beautiful pictures and recipes worth browsing.


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I'm a 2nd year college student studying french and medicine. I like biking, chocolate and greens. Lots and lots of greens. Here is my blog.

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