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Sadly, the greatest food holiday did not lead to the greatest blog post. I had plans of documenting my long-awaited thanksgiving meal with beautiful pictures of vegetables, turkey and desserts. So much hype and I forgot the memory card for my camera. Sad day, indeed. In lieu of pretty pictures, I will give a round up of what was on (or what I wished was on) the Thanksgiving table this year. 

Spinach Gratin: My mom always makes this recipe from Ina Garten. It’s definitely my most anticipated dish. Although it’s technically green, I would hardly call this a light side. It’s creamy and cheesy and goes well with everything. Not only that, it tastes even better the next day.

Cream Biscuits: At my grandmother’s request, I attempted my first biscuit recipe. I was hoping to avoid using lard. I have vivid memories of lib-balm making at summer camp involving a large vat of animal fat. I can’t bring myself to use it in any recipe since. These cream biscuits from the Smitten Kitchen blog were so easy to make and freeze. I imagine they would make great strawberry shortcakes. 

Maple Dijon Brussels Sprouts: I found this recipe via Taste Spotting a couple years ago and I have made it countless times. It’s my favorite way to enjoy one of my favorite vegetables. Brussels sprouts get a bad rep but they are kinda awesome, for real. 

Bourbon Pecan Pie: Last year for Christmas I received John Besh’s cookbook, “My New Orleans”. To say it’s beautiful would be an understatement. No matter how many times I look through it, I never get tired of the pictures, side notes or back stories. It is everything I imagine when I think of New Orleans cuisine and although some of the recipes intimidate me (someone teach me how to cook fish), the baked goods are more my speed. I can’t say pecan pie is my favorite dessert, but his looks perfect and tastes just as good, I’m sure. I think Christmas might be just the time to try it…

Chocolate Stout Cake: This cake is unreal. I have made it three times now and keep going back, despite the inevitable sugar hangover. It uses 2 cups of Guinness stout which really comes through in the cake. The beer and dark chocolate make it a very dense, HUGE, chocolate cake. Even my dad, who generally lacks any affinity toward sugar, samples this one. 


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