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2 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

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Ok, I lied. I said I would be back with recipes by the weekend and here it is (Wednesday) and I’m FINALLY posting. I could blame parent’s weekend, or the dismal weather but I can only hope that a chocolate dessert recipe can make up for lost time.

Some of you may be wondering what the magical two ingredients are. One, of course, is chocolate. The other, however, is a little surprising. Try and keep and open mind before writing this one off because I swear it’s worth a taste…


It’s not just any tofu, though. It’s silken tofu (the kind you find in miso soup) which means its super silky and blendable and, when added to chocolate, tastes nothing like you might imagine.  This is my favorite chocolate dessert to have in the fridge. It’s easy to make, super delicious and by some standards, a little healthy! (ignore the excessive amount of chocolate chips) So, if you are feeling a little adventurous or even just a bit curious, make this. You won’t regret it!

2 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

2 packages silken tofu (I used firm)

1+1/4 c. chocolate chips

  • Melt chocolate chips in small saucepan on low heat or in microwave, stirring frequently.
  • Add tofu and melted chocolate in blender or food processor and blend until smooth
  • Refrigerate until chilled


Unlike normal tofu, silken tofu is found in the international section along with other unrefrigerated items. I used firm for mine, but I’m sure extra firm would work just fine.


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I'm a 2nd year college student studying french and medicine. I like biking, chocolate and greens. Lots and lots of greens. Here is my blog.

One thought on “2 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

  1. Beautiful pictures. Love the chocolate. Not so sure about the other ingredient. Thanks for posting.

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